Have you always wanted to take a step back in time, but your DeLorean is out of gas? Within this archive, we’ll take you back in time to explore the technology of the 1980s through the mediums of film, music, gaming, and the internet. As you delve into the archives, be sure to look below the images for more information on the content. The first collection you’ll see in our archive is the Music & Radio page, which displays both the technological and cultural advancements made during the 1980s. Within the collection, the ongoing progression of youth counterculture is shown by flashy rebellious icons in the music industry. The next section is the Graphics & Gaming collection. Gaming technology of the 80s sought to bring the arcade experience to the consumer, offering the convenience and variety that was previously restricted to video arcades in the home. The Film collection in the archives includes set photos, headshots, and other relics from the 1980s along with their impact on American culture. Our archives were constructed with visitors in mind. The user-friendly nature of our collections would make them a valuable resource for teachers looking to introduce their students to key components of the decade through self-led exploration. The contributions made towards improving the lives of consumers could meet the WH.H.8.4 North Carolina education standard. Enjoy this glance back into the decade that somehow brought us both Patrick Swayze and an advanced prosthetic heart!