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Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) first became widely available to home computer systems in the early 1980s. Among the first and most popular of these in the decade was the NEC D7220, which utilized the technology of Large Scale Integration circuit…

Founded in 1984, Silicon Graphics was a high-performance computer manufacturer which led the industry in 3D graphics software and workstations. SGI's computers focused on pushing the limits on what was possible for computer graphics, with built-in 3D… - John Lewis  Loren Carpenter  Vol Libre_360p.mp4
The first short film that uses fractals to generate 3D graphics. Created by Loren Carpenter of Boeing in 1980, the short film represented a revolution in imaging software, and Carpenter would go on to work for Lucasfilm ILM and later Pixar.

The 80s saw the emergence of computer-generated imagery(CGI) within films. The first of which to feature large amounts of CGI scenes being "Tron"(1982), a movie perhaps more widely known for the arcade-cabinet game of the same name. Tron has a…
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