The Importance of Radio

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The Importance of Radio


How home radios were used and how they influenced Americans in the 1980s.


The picture consists of a 1980 Sony home radio that could be found throughout homes across America. The radio that is shown has to be plugged into a wall outlet and works with AM/FM radio channels. The picture also shows the volume nob which is on the top right and the bottom nobs are the adjusting and tuning. The normal size of these home radios was 17x14x5 inches.
Radios were popular for multiple reasons including news and entertainment purposes. In the 1980s radios became a source for free music and talk shows. This was the time that radio talk shows became more politically invested and shaped the political views of the American people.  This is important because people become even more exposed to ADs and political affairs, no matter where someone went they were being bombarded by information from radios. Radios were influential in their commercials and the music they played on certain stations.


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