Emerging Prevalence of Hip Hop

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Emerging Prevalence of Hip Hop


The emergence and newfound popularity of 1980s hip-hop and why it became a success.


The picture here is of a young LL Cool J who has just risen to fame and is wearing his classic red hat with his gold chain necklace. Hip hop (now known as old-school rap music) took off during the 1980s with the one song that kick-started it, "Rappers Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang. Most rappers in the 80s like Run DMC, MC Hammer, and LL Cool J rose in popularity due to their songs being played on channels and radio stations like MTV. Due to its newfound popularity, hip-hop and its associated dance styles, such as break dancing evolved into other art forms, other art forms emerged. Hip Hop became a symbolic art form to combat injustice and racism. This symbol of hip-hop is still used in recent music today and has created national movements.  


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