Pop Music Solo Artists of the 1980s

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Pop Music Solo Artists of the 1980s


1980s icons and how they influenced young Americans and paved the way for modern music. Music changed drastically in the '80s and new genres became popular amongst the younger generation.


The 1980s experienced a new emergence of music such as dance music, pop, electronic, and others. The picture featured shows one of the most popular artists during the 1980s and his style of clothing and dance.  The music in the 80s shifted away from slow tunes and disco and into the New Wave genre. The big artists that emerged were Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. They influenced young Americans through their styles, dancing, and upbeat songs. More Americans started to care about image and popularity. The importance of popular 1980s radio music and the new genres that came from this unique time period is because it influenced how music is today. 80's music revolutionized Pop Culture and paved the way for modern entertainment.


Steve Peake




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