The Best Selling Computer Ever


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The Best Selling Computer Ever


New Uses for Personal Computers


The Commodore 64 was a revolution to the graphics side of computers. The main difference is the way the Commodore could be connected to a screen. The device used a more generic connection port, allowing anyone with a television to have a personal computer. This forced other companies to make sure that the ease of access was available to more consumers in order to increase sales. While companies like Apple, IBM, and Atari were more talked about, the C64 outsold all of them, mainly it could do most everything its competitors could do, easier. While other computers were more powerful in different situations, the overall consumer desires seemed to be more along the lines of what the C64 was doing, which made the market chance forever due to the competitiveness of the graphics market. The C64 sold between 12.5-17 Million units at $595 per unit.


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