Radio Shows

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Radio Shows


How talk shows on the radio became popular in the 1980s


The image that is shown was taken in the 1980s and is of the two men responsible for the national known car talk show on the radio, Tom and Ray Magliozzi. The talk show Car Talk was not popular at first and was only on their local radio station WBUR-FM which was located in Boston, MA. Eventually, in 1987 the show got extremely popular over the radio and became a national broadcast all across the country. Car Talk was created by the two brothers and discussed car repairs and other automated things but with a twist of humor that made everyone love them. The 1980s was the era for radio talk shows and how to spread your message to people rather quickly, many talk shows were about politics and this began the idea of nationally addressing issues and bringing them into the light. Other channels including the conservative talk show radio, and liberal radio became wildly popular during this time. This has led to many talk shows being on the radio today and how each show touches on issues and brings to light their opinions like the FOX radio channel.


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Car Talk





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